About Us

Seafood Supreme are specialists in all live and fresh seafood including holding and display system. In addition we have our own in-house value added processing which incorporates certified smoking ovens wherein we can hot and cold smoke various seafood products. This includes portioned or whole sides of organic and conventional salmon in both catering and retail packs. In addition we offer fish burgers and hot smoked mackerel.


Live Seafood

We offer our customers live Seafood such as Hamour, Lobsters and Mussels, which are only caught wild . We do not sell farmed fish, a method which uses artificial feeding, growth promoters and antibiotics or other medications. Our live Seafood is kept in holding tanks that have ultra-modern purification systems to assure the best quality and taste. It is always best to buy live seafood where possible as this is the highest possible guarantee of freshness during preparation.

Organic Seafood

Our Seafood, be it live or fresh, is only caught in the Wild, and as such, is not cultivated under artificial conditions. It therefore does not come into deliberate contact with any unnaturally present artificial substances. It is however important that the environment in which the seafood is caught is clean and pure and not contaminated in any way. These waters are controlled and certified regularly and can be termed as 'Organic'.

All our Seafood is ocean seafood from guaranteed clean water.

Quality and Freshness

In order to offer our customers the highest quality and also to keep in line with environmental policy, we sell only the daily catch subject to seasonal and climatic availability. Any imported seafood is flown in on the same day it is caught, and live seafood is taken directly from our live holding tanks.

No better guarantee of freshness can be offered than live shellfish products, which come from waters certified as clean by a governing international authority. Those products whose natural environment is classed as water quality A or B are then purified prior to sales in our certified purification systems. These holding tanks are certified systems manufactured in co-operation with the Government and conform to CE standards.