Storage Tanks, Holding & Display Systems available at Seafood Supreme

We cater for seafood holding and display systems. The holding systems range from temperature controlled aquarium type tanks for crustaceous, molluscs and fish to large holding tank systems for up to 20 tons of product. Holding systems for molluscs include depuration systems outlining controlled ozone dosing and UV light. Seafood Supreme naturally carries out service for the equipment sold whereby annual maintenance contracts are available. This service is supported by our own in-house technicians who are available 24/7. The department outlines a full-fledged workshop facility in Al Quoz with a mobile service team including refrigeration, mechanical and electrical engineers.


SS 100

Capacity - 20Kg of Live Lobsters
Tank Size : 110Cm*70Cm*140Cms

SS 70

Capacity - 15Kg of Live Lobsters
Size SS =70 Cm*70Cm*140Cm